Lockdown & COVID have had and are still having a massive impact on the hospitality industry all over the world. A large percentage of our trade is with pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants and as we mentioned in our previous blog, that disappeared over night. It’s been really tough for us but we are very fortunate in that we’ve been able to switch focus to our online shop and home delivery service. Lots of hospitality businesses haven’t been that fortunate and have had to shut temporarily.

As a result, we wanted to give something back to the industry that provides us with our bread and butter and an industry we couldn’t survive without. We’re very fortunate to work with some fantastic outlets, people we consider to be our friends; and we want to do our bit. This is where All Together comes in. It’s a “worldwide, open-ended beer collaboration” created by Other Half Brewing from New York City. If you haven’t heard of Other Half (chances are you have) then they are one of the leading lights in the modern US craft beer scene. They’ve become world famous for their super hoppy IPAs & DIPAs as well as brewing all sorts of other delicious concoctions.

The founders of Other Half saw the damage that was likely to be caused by the prospect of months without trade and they have set up this project. They have created an open source IPA recipe for breweries to follow (or add their own influence) and release under the banner of “All Together”. Artwork has been designed with a space for the brewery’s own artwork to be added. Collaboration is one of the best parts of the craft beer scene. There is friendly rivalry between breweries but in the most part, everyone wants to be mates and have a beer together!

Other Half have been flexible with how each brewery can use the proceeds from their version of the beer. Whether it be directly funding hospitality, helping keep the brewery going or donating to a hospitality charity (as they are doing). It’s also about awareness about a volatile and sensitive industry that’s going through a really tough time at the moment. Businesses are struggling and staff are either being let go or not knowing if they’ll have a job to return to.

We’re delighted to be able to take part in this project and help out our local draught customers. We’ve tweaked the recipe slightly and ours is an NEIPA brewed with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Cascade. It’s probably the softest IPA we’ve brewed, super juicy, plenty of stone fruit and citrus flavours and has fantastic balance.

The money we receive from All Together sales will be put towards replacing all keg stock that was sat in our customers’ cellars when lockdown came in. The cost of doing this will almost definitely be higher than the proceeds from selling the beer but we’re covering any shortfall. We’ve already started crediting customers for returned kegs and to date we’ve replaced 2180 pints. Most of our draught customers have reopened and business seems to be very good so far, which is positive but still early days.

We reckon our trade draught customers deserve a beer so we’re going to be delivering cans of All Together free of charge to them in the next couple of weeks. They’ve been through the mill recently and we can’t think of a better way to repay that than with a cold tin of the juiciest IPA we’ve ever brewed.

We’ve seen lots of our customers have to change so much within their business to get ready to reopen responsibly. We’re so inspired by their resolve, determination and ingenuity. We really hope you enjoy this beer and please support your local business where you can. It means the world to us and all the independent businesses out there.

Stay safe and iechyd da!